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Updated: 17 min 47 sec ago

Bitcoin for buying juice? Only in Australia - CNET

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 22:41
Australian juice company Boost is giving away four bitcoins -- one a week, for four weeks -- to those who buy some juice and enter a code in the Boost app.

Magical interactive Harry Potter wands swing into Toy Fair - CNET

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 14:41
Unleash your inner wizard with these Wizard Training Wands from Jakks Pacific that use motion sensors to track your movements.

Facebook proved popular with Russian election trolls - CNET

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 14:03
Social network singled out in indictment charging 13 Russians with interfering with the US election.

Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple? - CNET

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 13:00
Commentary: Samsung keeps insisting that Apple is always behind. With the release of the Galaxy S9, how true might that be?

Why Microsoft should scrap Bing and call it Microsoft Search - CNET

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:00
Commentary: Recently, Microsoft began to feature its own name on Bing Translator. Perhaps it's time for the Bing brand to be retired.

Ford GT sale puts John Cena in a legal cage match - Roadshow

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:00
It's now up to the courts to decide whether wrestling star John Cena can sell his new Ford GT supercar for a healthy profit.

Dodge Demon hits 203 mph in about a minute - Roadshow

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 10:00
You'll need to do a couple things to make your own Demon capable of that speed, though.

Google's firing of James Damore was legal, labor board says - CNET

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 08:55
The US National Labor Relations Board says Google fired the author of a controversial diversity memo not to silence a dissenter, but over "unprotected discriminatory statements."

Sennheiser’s ultimate ‘ear bud’ - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 18:25
The Sennheiser IE800 S throws a party for your ears.

New Star Wars Mighty Muggs force their way into NY Toy Fair - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 12:18
New Mighty Muggs toys of C-3PO, Captain Phasma and Maz Kanata debut at Toy Fair 2018.

The past, present and Afrofuturism of 'Black Panther' - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 12:11
Commentary: Art like "Black Panther" overturns stereotypes to reclaim the past and reimagine the future. To understand the film's power, you need to understand Afrofuturism.

Hot Wheels Augmoto puts AR lightning, missiles in your race - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 12:02
Vrooom! Car racing gets spiced up with augmented-reality effects shown off at Toy Fair 2018.

Schiit’s tiny gizmo breaks a cardinal audiophile rule - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 11:47
Schiit Loki is a four-band equalizer that lets you easily tweak the sound of your speakers, headphones and music.

Genesis will show a new concept car in New York - Roadshow

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 11:35
And it sounds like it'll be a doozy.

Unlocked phones vs. locked phones: Why you should care - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:13
In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon breaks down what you need to know about the carrier practice of locking phones.

Google Auto Trends report says we're all dog-obsessed dashcam buyers - Roadshow

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 10:00
In an attempt to better understand the changing automotive landscape, Google crunched a bunch of its data to find out what it is we all care care about, when it comes to cars.

This brand-new, factory-fresh Aston Martin is 60 years old - Roadshow

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 08:00
What might look like a gorgeous classic Aston is in fact, a brand-spanking-new car. Made from the ground up to the original specification of the 1959 Le Mans competitor, the DB4 GT Continuation is the closest you could get to automotive time travel.

This airbag helps protect Olympic skiers from crashes - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 06:00
It automatically inflates when it senses a crash. The technology was originally designed to protect motorcycle riders, but is now used by downhill skiers like Lindsey Vonn.

Lego Hulkbuster's big, buildable suit is ready to smash - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 05:00
Exclusive: Tony Stark's big suit from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" comes in Lego form this March.

No scruffy nerf-herders allowed in this Star Wars home theater - CNET

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 05:00
Show Us Yours: Missourians Patrick and Stephanie enjoy witnessing the firepower of their fully armed and operational entertainment station.