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Updated: 8 min 21 sec ago

You Can Now Share Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 09:13
This feature should make it a lot easier to post your Stories on both apps, ensuring as many people as possible see highlights from your day.

Report: Amazon 'Seller Flex' Takes on FedEx, UPS

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 09:13
Amazon wants to handle deliveries for third-party merchants, taking business away from companies such as UPS and FedEx and using warehouses outside of its own network.

Xbox One S Assassin's Creed Origins Bundles Launch Oct. 27

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 09:13
A 500GB and 1TB Bundle will be offered, with the 1TB model including a second Ubisoft game.

GameStop Pre-Owned Deal: 4 Games for $10

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 09:13
With thousands of games in the offer, now might be the perfect time to go grab all those old games you didn't get around to buying.

Google's New Pixelbook Features Google Assistant

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 14:29
Just say 'Ok Google,' or press the dedicated Assistant key, then say or type what you need.

Google Unveils Pixel 2, New Daydream View

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 14:29
The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL sport 5- and 6-inch displays, respectively, both housed in water-resistant, all-aluminum bodies.

Google Beefs Up Home Lineup With Home Max, Mini

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:29
The $49 Google Home Mini arrives on Oct. 19; look for the larger Google Home Max in December for $399.

$199 Sonos One Supports Alexa, Google Assistant

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:29
Why buy the Sonos One instead of a cheaper smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home? Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said it comes down to sound quality.

'Stranger Things: The Game' Debuts on iOS, Android

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:29
The game, which just debuted as a surprise for fans, will let you join Hopper and the kids in a new, retro adventure that will transport you to the 1980s.

Western Digital Offers World's First 14TB Hard Drive

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:29
These huge helium-filled hard drives promise 60 percent lower idle power use per terabyte compared to 8TB air-filled drives.

Google's Pixel 2: Will It Succeed?

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:29
Google's Pixels are considered flagship Android phones, but they've never sold many units. For Google, what is success?

Instagram Now Lets You Poll People in Stories

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:29
Share a poll and friends and followers who view your story will be able to vote and see the results in real time.

Yahoo: Did We Say 1B? We Meant 3B Accounts Hit by Breach

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 08:28
Translation: every Yahoo user is likely hit by the breach that first occurred in 2013.

Couple Pleads Guilty to Stealing $1.2M From Amazon

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 08:28
They face up to a 20-year prison term and $500,000 in fines on charges of mail fraud and money laundering.

Microsoft Acquires Social VR Company AltspaceVR

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 08:28
Microsoft buys itself a 3D social platform it can tweak for mixed reality experiences.

Google's Pixel Event: What to Expect

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 08:28
Google may be announcing new phones, speakers, and a laptop on Wednesday.

Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Reached 10M People

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 15:33
Forty-four percent of the ads' total impressions were from before the election; 56 percent were displayed after Nov. 8.

Verizon Adds Prepaid Family Plans

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 15:33
Each member of the family will have their own data allotment, so you don't have to worry about Jan eating through everyone's gigabytes watching cat videos on YouTube.

Samsung HMD Odyssey Joins Microsoft's Mixed Reality World

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 15:33
Samsung launches new headset as Microsoft announces partner device pre-orders, AltspaceVR acquisition, and new SteamVR mixed reality program.

Collect Google Street View Pics With $3,500 Insta360 Pro

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 11:54
Mount the camera to a vehicle, control it with the Street View app, and upload 360-degree content directly to Google's platform.