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Eaton UPS products for Small Office and Home Office

Protect valuable investments in your small office and home office (SOHO) systems against power failures, surges and other power problems. Power protection is needed to prevent damage including data loss, file corruption, flickering lights, hardware damage, and equipment shut off/lock up.

For your small office or home office requirements, including PCs and peripherals, Eaton UPS products can:

  • Prevent power surges and sags from affecting your PC and peripheral equipment with enough battery backup for your PC to ride through most power outages.
  • Regulate power fluctuations and protect your PCs, NT workstations, small servers, hubs and routers.
  • Deliver the added capability of a switching hub to supply power protection to multiple networking units with the integration of the Eaton ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP card.
  • Extended warranty options and best-in-class service plans to deliver additional protection.


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